Pansteatitis and Questions about Affected Species

Here is a review of pansteatitis (and other diseases) in farm raised crocodiles (and ostriches), including a picture of the hardened yellow fat in crocodile tails.  This hardening of the fatty tissue in crocodile tails impairs their mobility and therefore their ability to hunt.  Crocs with pansteatitis therefore waste away and die of starvation.  There is no specific indication in the articles of the state of the crocs bodies.  Are they emaciated? Another posting on ProMedmail, including some details of the dam that may be a source of pollutants is here.  The moderator asks the important question: Is anything else affected?  No mention is made in any of the news articles.  What about other aquatic organisms in the Olifants River? For example, what about Cape Clawless Otters (Aonyx capensis)?

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  1. oh what a twisted web we weave... and then, when it turns out were screwing something up, we cannot unweave it.

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