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Plotting Networks in R

December 11th, 2008 · 1 Comment · R, Social Network Analysis

Using the network package, you can plot graphs in a flexible and powerful way.  Often, when plotting a network, we want to vary the color, size, or shape of the vertices based on some attributes.  Let's say that we have a freewheeling sexual network (easier to simulate) and we would like to color the vertices of the graph according to their HIV sero-status.  Let's also say that we want to make the shape of each vertex reflect the sex of the individual.  We use the following code:

  1. # begin with randomly constructed edgelist
  2. set.seed(12345)
  4. n1 <- round(1+10*runif(50))
  5. n2 <- round(1+10*runif(50))
  6. eee <- cbind(n1,n2)[order(n1),]
  7. net <- network(eee,directed=FALSE) # this will be a dense network!
  8. hiv <- rbinom(50,size=1,prob=0.2)  # random infections!
  9. sex <- rbinom(50,size=1,prob=0.5)  # random sexes!
  10. set.vertex.attribute(net,"hiv",hiv+1)
  11. set.vertex.attribute(net,"sex",sex+3)
  13. ## now plot
  14. plot(net,
  15. vertex.col="hiv",
  16. vertex.sides="sex",
  17. vertex.cex=5,
  18. vertex.rot=-30,
  19. edge.lwd=1)

I definitely wouldn't want to be part of that party.

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