Top Five Sports I Didn't See on the NBC Olympic Coverage

OK, this isn’t really about population, infectious disease or human ecology, but I’ve been thinking about it this morning:

  1. Team handball
  2. Fencing
  3. Table Tennis
  4. Badminton
  5. Women’s Pole Vault

I like beach volleyball as much as anyone, but the Olympics are really the only chance the average viewer has to watch any of these other cool sports.   May and Walsh were awesome, but there are other sports besides beach volleball, swimming, track & field, and gymnastics.  It’s a shame that what we see on Olympic coverage comes down to the fact that Kerri Walsh’s teeny-weeny bikini sells more Budweiser than watching May Mangkalakiri and Eva Lee thwack a shuttlecock. 

3 thoughts on “Top Five Sports I Didn't See on the NBC Olympic Coverage”

  1. Don't know what channels you were watching but I was able to see a lot of fencing, team handball, table tennis, badminton and women's pole vault. With at least four channels covering the Olympics you should have been able to see as much of each of these as you wanted.


  2. This may be a function of the Stanford cable service, which apparently didn't play nice with the Olympics. All we got was the main San Francisco NBC affiliate. I watched handball, fencing, table tennis, and badminton online (which I was only able to do because I had registered our local cable provider while we were in Oregon for the first week of the games), but there was precious little of the women's pole vault even online.

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