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A Great Career for a Biological Anthropologist

The fabulous Cambridge-based singer-songwriter, Mieka Pauley turns out, like Pete Seeger and Bonnie Raitt, to be a Harvard graduate.  Mieka attended Harvard when I was a grad student, concentrated (Harvardese for "majored") in biological anthropology, and took a class I taught when I was a lecturer there for the 2000-2001 academic year.  I just got back in touch with her and she informed me that bio-anthro actually comes up all the time in interviews she does.  What do you know?  It seems that biological anthropology is useful for something after all! I suppose it shouldn't really surprise me (note my recent post on folk songs and Human Nature) all that much.  Maybe it's her training in biological anthropology that brought out the deep appreciation of the human condition that comes through in Mieka's music?  I heartily recommend her new album, Elijah Drop Your Gun.