New SARS on Trans-Siberian Railway?

Scary.  A woman traveling from Blagoveshchensk to Moscow by rail died, apparently of pneumonia, and all the people riding in her carriage (about 60) have to taken to a hospital for observation and quarantine.  Officials think this could be a case of SARS.  From the RIA Novosti Report:

The train was stopped in the central Russian city of Kirov and around 60 train passengers were sent to a local hospital. 6 of them are reported as running fevers, the source said, although Kirov Region officials have said that none of them were suffering from SARS. The carriage in which the woman was travelling was disconnected from the rest of the train. The train then continued on its way to Moscow. Russia's [public health] watchdog spokesman was unable to confirm that the woman had died from SARS. "Doctors are currently establishing a preliminary diagnosis," he said.

This is definitely something to keep our collective eye on.  Full report, and any new developments can be found on ProMED.

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